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Banan Nursery Dubai

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Location Jumeirah
Curriculum Arabic-English

With the Grace of Allah , Banan Nursery stepping in to the Second Year.During the beginning year Our Teachers performed tremendously in the academic areas such as improving the target language-English and the knowledge of numeracy (Early Years Foundation Stage) along with the Montessori approach, understanding the world with the theme based educational field trips.

Our Child centered Classroom set up helps each and every child to build the self-confidence with the independent learning structure. Each and every child  has been assessed from the beginning of the term and the Teacher observes the criteria of learning style and adapt to the lesson to reinforce the children about the purpose of the lesson in fun way.

And we train our children the Social behavior patterns and how to communicate with the people from outside, build up the self-esteem to face the school interviews without hesitation.

Our previous year of children in Banan from the Foundation 1 class had got through in the leading schools in Dubai…

Nursery area, Jumeirah 3
Postal address PO Box 117117, Dubai, UAE
Telephone +971-4-3466661
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Email banannursery@hotmail.com

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